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Perst4 + Ir/Green Laser

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The combined device (hereinafter referred to as the CD) "Perst-4" (GREEN+) is intended to indicate the target when observing, inspecting and seeing shooting from small arms with CD "Perst-4" the installed on it at night in two ranges: green 520 nm and infrared 850 nm, and IR lighting with a wavelength of 850 nm. The product is a small-sized optical-mechanical device that forms the luminous flux of laser radiation. Operational Benefits :
  • The ability to turn on both the buttons located on the case, and from the remote tactical button.
  •  The ability to adjust the brightness (both from the body and from the remote button).
  •  The ability to lock the product.
  •  The laser operation indicator is on the product body.
  •  The presence of a pulsating mode with a frequency of 2 Hz.
  •  Unified alignment of both beams.
  •  Compatible with all tactical switches from "D" line*.

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