Our Story

Our Philosophy

GA Firing Line is one of only a handful of U.S. companies that can welcome a firearm novice, provide them with training at every level along the way, and send away a seasoned expert. Developing this process cultivated outstanding customer service among our staff along with a constant desire to stand at the bleeding edge of new firearm technology, shooting strategies, self-defense, and competitions. It is exceedingly difficult to make your way into the GA Firing Line team without loving what we do. Each team member has a specialty or a contribution that makes them indispensable.

In a world of media misinformation and hype, we remain steadfastly focused on providing education, training, custom-tailored solutions, and a fun hobby for our clients. We are grateful that you found us, and we look forward to helping you achieve your personal goals in the most efficient, gratifying way possible. Welcome to GA Firing Line.



Our Story

GA Firing Line began in 2010. Since then, we have expanded to provide new services, new products, and new specialties we could not have imagined a decade ago, all while navigating some of the most hostile political waters in recent history. Several highlights are detailed below.

GA Firing Line’s current owners were disappointed at the conditions in several shooting ranges across the southeast. In response, they invested in a major renovation in which the range’s backstop was replaced, the floors, walls, and ceiling were redesigned and rebuilt, and a large scale, three stage HEPA air filtration system was installed. As you fire your weapon in our range, the resultant gas and unburnt powder are swept forward and away from you into the filtration system, where they are removed from the building’s air supply. Some time had passed after the renovation when a surprise inspection revealed that the surfaces inside our shooting range were cleaner than our competitor’s sales counters outside their shooting range.

A camera system and supervision by a range officer keep a close eye on each lane to ensure the safety of all occupants. Every night after closing, the range is cleaned, treated, and all brass is swept up and cleared. All of these processes and procedures help make target practice a pleasant experience here.

For those of you who are new to long-range, you may learn that hitting targets at extreme distances is difficult even for professionals.  Our new long-range program includes the creation of custom long-range rifles in our smith shop. These precision rifles which consistently out-perform off-the-shelf rifles in both accuracy and reliability, and have proven themselves in national contests.

When our smith shop began, our services were limited fixing malfunctioning firearms, working on triggers, replacing sights, and other small tasks. Fast forward to now, and we can Cerakote, stipple, create slide cuts, thread barrels, customize ARs, handguns, and bolt rifles, install and sight in optics, cut and install RMRs, and laser engrave.  And the laser isn't just for your firearm - we can send you away with a firearm logo laser engraved on your coffee mug if the impulse hits you.

Our expansion into a suite next to our sales floor now serves as a center for training and eCommerce. Buying a firearm on the web and picking it up in-store allows clients to acquire in-demand items without having to rush to our physical location. Our newly expanded on and off-site training courses give clients a better hands-on experience than can be found nearly anywhere else.

GA Firing Line’s history is marked by growth, expansion, and a close, affable relationship with our clients. We have no intention of stopping now, and we look forward to the next opportunity to work with you. You’ll be happy to hear that if you’ve read this far through our story, you certainly have the patience it takes to develop your shooting skills.  And now, fun stuff.