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Rosco Manufacturing

11.5 `` M4 5.56 Bloodline

Product Code: BL-115-M4-556-7-C UPC/Barcode: 10059400


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The National Firearms Act regulates the configurations of some firearms assembled with barrels under 16in long. Know the NFA laws in your state before purchasing this item. Rosco Manufacturing takes their barrels seriously. Rather than entrust someone else's blanks or machining, they produce every barrel from scratch, controlling every step of the manufacturing process. The Bloodline series is cut from high-strength 41V50 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel, the same stuff chosen for the rifles used by our military for its exceptional durability. Improving on the military-grade barrels, the Bloodline-series are finished with a highly corrosion resistant, low friction salt bath nitride treatment, making cleaning easier than ever. By producing these barrels entirely in house, they've also been able to tune each barrel by selecting the optimal twist rates, gas port diameters, dwell times, and materials according to the needs of each barrel.

This 11.5" barrel is machined to a balanced Government contour, offering a solid balance between rigidity and weight. The reliable carbine-length gas system ensures your rifle gets the right amount of gas to cycle even in adverse conditions. The 5.56 NATO chamber is fully compatible with .223 Remington ammunition, with a 1:7 twist rate that is perfect for heavier, precision-oriented cartridges, but is thoroughly functional with popular and less expensive bullet weights.
  11.5" Government contour Carbine length gas system 1/2x28 threading with 11-degree crown 1:7 twist flexible round selection 41V50 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel Corrosion resistant salt bath nitride finish Slick nitride-finished M4 barrel extension Compatible with standard .750" gas blocks 5.56 NATO chamber