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Rma Armament

1155 Level Iv Hard Ceramic Multi Curve

Product Code: 1155 UPC/Barcode: 10071667


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Low Cost
10″x 12″ Stand Alone
10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Multi-Curve, SAPI/ESAPI-Cut
8.2 lbs.
Thickness: 1″
Monolithic Ceramic & Polyethylene
600 Denier Water Resistant Cover
Made in Centerville, IA – USA
Ships in 1-2 business days
RMA Hard Armor Warranty Policy
PLEASE NOTE: The RMA 1155 is Level IV Body Armor and is subject to any and all restrictions concerning civilian ownership of body armor. Body armor cannot be owned or sold to persons convicted of a felony. Body armor cannot be exported outside the United States. Residents of Connecticut are prohibited from buying Body Armor (unless the buyer is a police officer, Police Department, or military). We cannot ship to Connecticut, or even accept credit cards billed there for body armor sales. **By ordering this item you are verifying that you are not a conficted felon or a resident of any state that restricts online sale of body armor. ***ANY order with a billing or shipping address in Connecticut (unless military or Law Enforcement) or any state that prohibits online sale of body armor WILL BE CANCELLED     Due to the popularity of RMA’s Level IV model 1155 single curve hard armor plate, we are now proud to offer a 10×12 MULTI-CURVE version of the 1155 plate! RMA’s Level IV multi-curve (Model #1155mc) hard armor plate is a cost effective, multi-hit rate armor plate that offers excellent Level IV protection against 30.06 M2AP, m855a1, 7.62x54r and so much more.  This brand new armor plate is professionally wrapped, water resistant, and manufactured 100% at RMA’s factory in Centerville, Iowa. RMA is the most sought after brand of armor plates by law enforcement officers in the United States. We’ve proven to be the strongest, top engineered, and most efficient manufacturer in the country. Nobody else comes close. Owned and operated by a former police officer and US Marine who has worn armor in two careers and knows what you need.

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