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Light Bearing Enigma Holster

Product Code: PHLENIGMA-002 UPC/Barcode: 860006365219


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The Light Bearing Enigma is for guns with lights or lasers mounted in front of the trigger guard. It does not come assembled and does not include a holster shell. Before buying the Light Bearing Enigma, make sure you have a compatible holster shell in hand. It can be difficult or impossible to find compatible shells for some light/firearm combos.  Before proceeding, check the fit guide to find a compatible shell.  Enigma Assembly Instructions – Stress Free Leg Leash Instructions and Troubleshooting Enigma Safety Designed to accommodate the size and mass of light-bearing concealment holsters, the Light Bearing Enigma is based on the dimensions of our popular Floodlight IWB holster, but will fit many other holsters which feature the same wing and clip attachment strategy. The Light Bearing Enigma uses four screws to attach the faceplate to the clip mounting holes on the face of the holster. Please be sure that your holster can attach all four screws in order to properly support the system. Do not modify your holster or Enigma.