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Jk 195 Versax 12

Product Code: JK-195VERSAX12 UPC/Barcode: 850038425531


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MISSION CONFIGURABLE Fully modular length, suppression level, choke system, and mounting solutions to match your firearm and your mission. Convenient cleaning and maintenance without specialized tools. LIGHTWEIGHT Just 9.3 ounces in its longest configuration, the VERSAX 12GA swings fast and points naturally. ADAPTABLE Configurable from 3.375 inches to 8 inches long so you can choose the balance of length, weight, and sound suppression that’s right for your gun and your mission. Swappable choke caps for controlling shot pattern. Exchange end caps in seconds, without specialized tools, to switch between various levels of shot pattern restriction. The VERSAX 12GA’s choke caps make it the first and only shotgun suppressor on the market that correctly and variably shapes your shot pattern to suit your use! COMPATIBLE The Choke Replacement Muzzle Device (CMDR), the JK Bald Eagle 12GA, is available in most common choke tube thread patterns and allows for the quick attachment and removal of your VERSAX 12GA suppressor. The Bald Eagle 12GA is a cylinder choke and is designed to remain installed in your shotguns. Controlling shot pattern is as simple as quickly and easily swapping out the VERSAX 12GA suppressor’s choke cap.

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