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Dead Air Armament

Pyro 2.0 Muzzle Brake Keymo

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Dead Air Armament's flash hiders excel at keeping flash to a minimum, but sometimes you just want a flatter shooting rifle and don’t care about the visual signature. That’s where the Pyro comes in. Install it over your flash hider and just like that, your flash hider is a fully functional brake. Extremely effective, installs in seconds, and compatible with their KeyMo muzzle devices. The all-new Pyro 2.0 muzzle brake ships with our KeyMo adapter and the all-new Pyro vented shroud. Each part is available for purchase separately for those that already have a KeyMo adapter, but buying them together saves you money. Since the shroud is HUB compatible it also works with our Xeno system. Simply install a Xeno Adapter into the Pyro shroud to use with your Xeno muzzle device.  

Dead Air Armament, Pyro 2.0 Enhanced Muzzle Brake, Fits Dead Air Key Brake or Flash Hider, Black