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Dead Air Armament

E- Brake Sandman

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Suppressors are often known for their recoil mitigating properties. The E-Brake from Dead Air Silencers tames the recoil further by acting as a brake at the end of your silencer. It's a quick and simple way to add even more functionality to your silencer. Available in two different widths, they share the same front cap thread pitch as the Sandman Series, Nomad Series, Wolverine, and Wolfman. The only choice you have to make is what diameter you want. The 1.735" diameter fits flush with the Nomad Series, while the 1.5" diameter is a perfect width for the Sandman Series and Wolverine. They are cross compatible, so don't think too hard about it. Many people like the wider diameter on their Sandman as they report it helps keep their suppressor cover from sliding forward. For those that don't have that problem, go with what looks best to you, as their functionality is identical. Install is easy. Just remove your existing front cap and install it on the front of the E-Brake, then thread the E-Brake on to your silencer. Next, enjoy a flatter shooting rifle.

Dead Air Armament, Sandman Enhanced Muzzle Brake, Black Finish, Includes Front Cap Tool