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Complete Lpk W/Ambi Safety

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CMMG's Lower Parts Kits contain all of the necessary parts to complete an AR15 lower receiver, except for the buffer tube and butt stock. Built on the mil-spec standard, the lower parts kit includes a single stage trigger with polished sear surfaces for a clean, crisp trigger break. It features an ambidextrous selector and is broken down into a color-coded bag that makes it easy to locate individual parts without frustration. •All lower part kits contain the following:  - Takedown Pin
 - Trigger Spring
 - Receiver Pivot Pin
 - Disconnect 
 - Takedown Pin Detent (2)
 - Disconnect Spring
 - Takedown Pin Detent Spring (2)
 - Magazine Catch & Spring
 - Bolt Catch
 - Trigger Guard Assembly
 - Bolt Catch Plunger
 - Trigger Guard Pivot Spring Pin
 - Bolt Catch Spring
 - Selector Detent
 - Bolt Catch Spring Pin
 - Lock Washer 
 - Buffer Retainer
 - Pistol Grip Screw 
 - Buffer Retainer Spring
 - Hammer
 - Hammer & Trigger Pin (2)
 - Trigger
 - Hammer Spring
 - Pistol Grip
 - Ambidextrous Selector
 - Magazine Release Button