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Cat Jl Ti Hub

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Introducing the all new CAT JL Titanium Suppressor, AKA Johnny Law. The JL is a revolution in precision rifle suppression! This .308 suppressor showcases a significant advancement in silencer technology with its proprietary SNIPER 2 pressure system. The SNIPER 2 suppression system controls the flow characteristics of high-pressure centerfire rifle cartridges, maximizing sound suppression and ensuring maximum precision and accuracy in a very lightweight envelope. This suppressor utilizes Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) engineering, a new gas flow management system derived from CAT's SkyNET design vectors created specifically to rein in high-pressure cartridges, and effectively manages recoil and supersonic/subsonic suppression while minimizing pressure wave propagation. The CAT JL is known for its consistent on/off repeatability, minimal POI shift, and its superior sound suppression. Capable of supersonic and subsonic suppression, whether you're a military professional or a civilian enthusiast, the CAT JL is as at home on a precision rifle just as it is on a 300 Blackout carbine. 

Full Auto supersonic or High Rates of Fire (greater than 30 rounds per minute - supersonic) are expressly discouraged.  The titanium version is a super lightweight, extremely high performance suppressor. As with all titanium suppressors, you should not exceed a maximum service temperature of approximately 650°F (343°C).

Barrel Length Restrictions:

  • 16 inches or longer on 7.62x51 and higher

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 9.9 oz(HUB) or 10.6 oz(QD)

  • Length: 8.20"(HUB) 

  • Diameter: 1.75"

  • Thread Options: 1.375x24 (HUB) 

  • Mount: 5/8x24 DT Adapter (HUB) 

  • Material: Titanium

  • Finish: DLC

What's in the Box:

  • CAT JL Titanium Suppressor

  • 5/8x24 DT Adapter (HUB) 

  • Owners Manual