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Blackpoint Tactical

Rh Leather Wing Sig 238

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Blackpoint Tactical Leather Wing Holster for Sig Sauer P238 Right Hand

Sorry about the stock pic...but this is really for a Sig Sauer P238, come and see for yourself. The Leather WING™ holster by BlackPoint Tactical is a naturally evolved version of the original KYDEX® holster. The Leather WING™ was designed to retain the most popular features of a KYDEX® holster, while improving the fit and comfort of the holster to the body through the addition of leather “wings”. The seamless integration of leather and KYDEX® allows for the retention and function of a traditional KYDEX® holster, while providing the comfort of a traditional leather holster.

The KYDEX® footprint of this holster is minimized by trimming the excess KYDEX® off the sides of the holster, and replacing it with leather “wings”. The belt loops of the holster are attached to these wings and the belt of the wearer then threads through the loops on the Leather WING™s. This configuration allows for ultimate comfort, reliability, and concealment. The Leather WING™ allows the holster to naturally curve with the body, giving a much slimmer and more comfortable fit.