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Mawl C1 + Blk Ir/Green

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The MAWL-C1+ is the first commercially available NIR and visible green laser aiming device using Class 1+ technology. The MAWL-C1+ retains all of the ergonomic, clarity, modularity, and interface enhancements of the MAWL-DA, and offers more infrared illumination output power than any FDA Class 3R or Class 1 laser on the commercial market. The MAWL-C1+ has significantly greater illumination range as well as improved beam pattern and quality at all ranges compared to other commercially available laser devices. The Laser design simplifies complex multi-position switches and consolidates these choices into the settings you need: Short Range, Mid-Range, and Long Range, with the power and divergences appropriate for each. At only 0.37” above the rail, the buttons are lower than any other device, and fits perfectly with common weapon lights and micro BUIS. It is also completely ambidextrous: simply swap the endcap and head, and remount to use left handed. 2021 Revisions: Tighter Divergences
Reduction in divergences across all MAWL settings have been implemented to provide greater clarity and illumination at longer ranges; meanwhile reducing potential illumination of closer objects that may distract the shooter, such as blades of grass, shrubbery/vegetation, etc. As part of this, we removed the stacked divergences on mid-range to provide distinct settings in line with end-user preferences. 
Intuitive and Immediate Operation: All (A) Buttons are intended for longer-ranges with tighter divergences, and all (B) buttons are intended for shorter ranges with wider divergences.  Power & Irradiance: By the numbers, it can appear that there is less illumination than before, but please note that divergences have also narrowed. For clear identification and illumination of targets at all ranges this is not only sufficient, but most appropriate.  Ride the Slide: The current settings allow for the end-user to double-click constant on, and quickly manipulate multiple ranges with any given divergence pattern between high, medium, and close range. For example, an operator may utilize only (B) button within a structure, adjusting between low/medium/high in the wider (B) button setting as they move through stairwells, hallways, and rooms quickly. The same can be said of quickly adjusting through (A) button settings in an exterior urban environment should constant-on IR illumination pose a threat of compromise.  TripleClick
Two additional settings have been added to MAWL-C1+, providing two more modes of operation. Whereas there were 6 settings before, now there are 8, providing the end-user with a greater multitude of options depending on environment and application. 
A new High-Power TripleClick capability has been added allowing the end-user more control at further distances. Triple clicking [PUSH-PUSH-HOLD] the (A) or (B) button works to activate/deactivate alternate divergence and power output settings in the Long-Range mode. This allows us to ensure Close, Mid, and Long Range settings include settings most appropriate for both modern and legacy night vision tube sensitivities.  Triple-Click High Power Pointer/Illuminator: This higher-power illuminator and higher-power pointer allows for greater visibility of the beam at longer ranges. This is allows for a higher-powered pointer beneficial for seeing target holdover reference points, pushing through obscurants, and/or defeating photonic barrier at distance.  Triple-Click High Power Pointer Only: This provides the capability of a Commanders Pointer for ground-to- ground or air-to-ground integration and clear, precise target marking. This is an ITAR item
    • MAWL-C1+
    • 3R
    • 10.4 OZ W/BATTERY
    • 5.5" L X 2.8" W X 2" H
    • VARIED
    • VARIED
    • VARIED

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