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Side Scout Mount Mlok

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Fabric/Material:6061-T6 Aluminum Color:Black Finish:MIL-A-8625 Type III Hard Coat Anodized Flashlight Model:Streamlight Protac, Modlite OKW, Modlite PLH, Arisaka 600, Arisaka 300, Surefire Scout Length:1.265 in Thickness:0.2 in Gun Make:AR Platform Attachment/Mount Type:M-LOK Weight:0.6 oz Gun Type:Rifle Gun Model:AR-15 The Arisaka Side Scout Mount (SSM) is designed for use with Surefire Scout Lights, the Modlite PLH and OKW weapon lights, the Arisaka 300 and 600 Series, and the Streamlight Protac Rail Mount lights. It replaces the stock Picatinny rail adapter with a low profile mount for M-Lok handguards, and tucks the light underneath either side of the ATPIAL laser/illuminator series, including the ATPIAL-C, AN/PEQ15, and LA-5/PEQ. It will also allow the light to clear the QD lever on the Steiner DBAL I2, A3, and D2. The SSM is compatible with the Modlite PLH and OKW, Surefire M300A, M300B, M300C, M300V, M312, M322, M312V, M313V, M322V, M600B, M600C, M600P, M600U, M600V, M600DF, M612, M622, M603V, M612V, M622V, Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 1, 2 and HL-X, and Arisaka 300 and 600 Series. The longer base Scout lights like the M620, M951/2 and M961/2 can be used with the Side Scout Mount with the addition of our Offset M620 adapter. As a bonus, the Side Scout Mount also works nicely on the Sig MPX PCC and MCX Virtus M-Lok handguards.