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Gfl Custom Tan 308

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This rifle started life as a factory Remington 700 used by a swat team. Once it came in the shop we threw away everything but the action away and started to have some fun. If you want to have a ridiculously accurate rifle you need to start with a strong base so the first thing we did was true the action. With the action squared away, we moved on to chambering a Bartlein barrel. Bartlein is one of the top barrel manufacturers and is used by more pro shooters than any other barrel maker.  We take tremendous pride in the accuracy we can acheive when we pair a Bartlein barrel with our custom 308 reamer. Barreled action inhand, Chris started to work his Cerakote magic. He chose a black barreled action with a custom drip camo pattern for the Manners T4A stock. Cerakote complete, the 308 headed over to bedding to create a perfect marriage between the barreled action and stock. The result of all this work is a sub-3/8 moa rifle that is pure joy to shoot. 

24” Bartlein barrel chambered in 308
Trued Remington 700 action
Timney 2-stage trigger set to just over a pound
20moa optics rail
Bedded Manners T4A stock with custom Cerakote paint job

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