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Freedom Arms

555 50ae

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THIS IS A USED FIREARM.  The Freedom Arms Model 555 is based upon the company’s Model 83 revolver. Like its sibling, the Model 555 is one of the strongest and most accurate single-action army-style revolvers ever made. Unlike most revolvers whose cylinders and barrels are bored out separately, the Model 83/555’s chambers are bored out through the barrel itself. This ensures that the chambers are perfectly in-line with the bore, giving both models an unparalleled level of accuracy. This Model 555 is chambered for the famous .50 Action Express cartridge. Introduced in 1988, the .50 AE was created for use in the Desert Eagle semi-automatic, gas piston-operated pistol. It is one of the few handgun cartridges currently in production which uses a rebated rim, wherein the diameter of the rim is smaller than the body diameter of the cartridge case. This feature allowed the .50 AE to use the same bolt face diameter the .44 Magnum uses, allowing Desert Eagle owners to swap between the two calibers simply by changing the barrel and magazine. In the Freedom Arms Model 555, since the cartridge headspaces on the case mouth rather than the rim, the fact that the 50 AE case is rebated makes no difference to operation of the gun compared to a rimmed cartridge. As a SAA-style revolver, empty cases are ejected from the Model 555 using an ejector rod, not an extractor star as used on revolvers with a swing-open cylinder. Obviously, the 50 AE would not work in a swing-open cylinder without the use of moon clips. Like the Colt Peacemaker (aka Single Action Army), the Model 555 makes four loud ‘clicks’ as the hammer is cocked. On-sale, used, and consignment items are sold as-is and include no warranty aside from that of the manufacturer.  GFL will not consider refunds or exchanges for sale items with minor cosmetic blemishes.

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