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It boasts classic Combloc looks with state-of-the-art materials and internals. Carefully balanced sound quality, toughness, and versatility are the calling cards of the Wolverine PBS-1. Go ahead and shoot it on your favorite SBR Krinkov, or put it on your full auto RPK. It is built to handle it. 

The mount of the Wolverine PBS-1 works with the rifle&rsquos existing front sight block pin to help prevent loosening under a heavy firing schedule. 

Like the Sandman series the Wolverine PBS-1 features a detachable front cap. This lets you change out the front cap simply and quickly. Should you drop your suppressor and damage the front cap or have an unfortunate baffle strike, you will not need to send it back to the factory for lengthy repairs. The Wolverine PBS-1 removable front cap is interchangeable with the Sandman front caps. 

No other silencer has even attempted what the Wolverine successfully does. For your AK and Combloc silencing needs, welcome the Wolverine PBS-1 into your home.

The Wolverine ships with a 14L thread insert. 

Rating:Multi - Up to 7.62x54R

Length:7.4" (with thread adapter)

Weight:19.8 oz - 24.4 oz depending on mount

Diameter:1.5" tube, 1.93" outside diameter

Finish:Cerakote body with nitrided parts

Min. Barrel Length:No Restrictions

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