Vska Enhanced Pistol

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Complete Pistol brace package Model HG6573-N UPC 787450712027 Semi auto 7.62x39 10.5" barrel 19.5" overall length Synthetic wood forearm 14x1mm LH thread pattern Enhanced trigger group Open rifle sights Shockwave blade VSKA Series 30 plus 1 capacity US Palm magazine US Palm tactical pistol grip The US Draco Enhanced AK Pistol is a semi automatic AK47 pistol chambered in 7.62x39. This pistol features a 10.5" barrel with an overall length of 19.5" so great for home defense or camping needs. Comes with an enhanced trigger group, wood forearm and a Shockwave blade for shooting accuracy & safety. The barrel is threaded 14x1mm LH with a cool muzzle brake that can be removed if you would like to install another style muzzle device.Wood front handguard. Great complete turn key package ready to Rock N Roll right out of the box and guaranteed to provide great fun @ the shooting range with family & friends. Comes with 1 - 30 round magazine.